7 Reasons why Local Women's Cycling Reaches a New High in Adelaide

Robert Gaggini
Attacking Racing


Until recently it was not unusual that a local race meeting would have no women participating at all.

With the "Focus" Women's Series, domestic Cycling in Adelaide has reached a New High.

Congratulations to all involved.

What are 7 reasons why?

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Preparing for an Event; Are you Training at the Right Time of Day?

Robert Gaggini
Time of Day


 What is the correct time of day to Train for an Event?


I have 3 answers;


  1. Any time that you have available is the correct time.
  2. Get in tune with your Body Clock. Maximise your training for the same time of day as the event.
  3. The Principle of Specificity. Conditions can be specific to the Time of Day. These need to be taken into account.
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Strength Training for Cycling?

Robert Gaggini
Gym Weights


Does a gym weights program have any benefit to your cycling?

There is thought that weight training is detrimental to the endurance sport of cycling.

There are concerns of weight gain.

So Why? How? and When?

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Develop the "Weapon"

Robert Gaggini
The "Weapon"

Experienced cyclists complete all cycling skills at a good level. Climbing, Sprinting, Drafting, Bike Handling and Descending are some examples.

Any of these skills developed to an elite level can be used as a weapon.

I have another skill that I describe as a weapon. This has been developed from a High Intensity Training. What is the "Weapon"?

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11 comments on Punctures

Robert Gaggini







What spares do I carry on my normal commuting or training ride? Cycling 200km per week to work enables multiple punctures but I keep my kit very simple.



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Unstable bike on a descent; what to look for?

Robert Gaggini
Bike Fit with Shane Burgess



You have a new bike and you are enjoying your riding more and more.

You are getting fitter and faster. You can get out more frequently and take in the longer rides with your mates.

However you notice that you are unsure on a fast descent. You notice that compared to your mates you are the slowest.

In fact on a straight line the bike starts a dangerous wobble, forcing your mates to stay well away.

What could be the problem? I have one answer.

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25 "Reflections" on the 2005 Mt Gambier 100 Mile Cycling Classic

Robert Gaggini
100 Mile Cycling Classic Cup

The Mt Gambier 100mile Cycle Classic was first held in 1933.


It is a handicap cycling event and allows amateur riders to compete against the elite over an extended course in the picturesque South East of South Australia.

It is one of the toughest amateur races in South Australia.


Lightening does strike, and I was fortunate to win this race in 2005.


What are some of my reflections, now that 10 years have passed?


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There is change in behavior on the road!

Robert Gaggini
Share the Road

Changes in regulations were introduced in South Australia on October 25, 2015 regarding the width required by motorists when overtaking Cyclists, as well as allowing Cyclists to ride on the footpath.

What are my experiences? I make my observations from a history of 20 years and 40 kilometers per day commuting through the city of Adelaide and surrounding arterial roads.

Have I observed any change in the behavior of the South Australian Motorist?

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Get a mental edge on Race Day; One Simple Tip

Robert Gaggini
Race Day


It is race day, and you are nervous.

That's normal, that is good!

You have done the training, you have ticked the boxes with your recovery and your racing plan.

What is one simple thing that you can do to give you a mental edge?

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The Strava App beyond "Segments"

Robert Gaggini


The Strava app is one of many analytical cycling applications available.

However is Strava the most popular?

Strava is the facebook of cycling!

It is the "Segments" that make Strava standout.

With "Segments" you can compare to the rest of the world, compare to your friends and compete against yourself.

I have had Strava Premium for a number of years and therefore my comments are based on this.

What else does Strava offer beyond "Segments"?


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Save Money with these Nutrition Tips

Robert Gaggini
Cereal Bars


There are many sports and performance nutrition products. They are carefully researched, produced and marketed. They do serve a purpose.


One negative, is cost.

Frequent use of the packaged sports product is expensive.


How can you remain elite, "up to minute" and remain well nourished and save money?


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9 ways to maximise your breakaway

Robert Gaggini
Sprint Finish

Most bike races are about speed, and will come to a bunch sprint.


If you find that you are not in major contention to win the sprint you can consider a breakaway win.


There are so many variables to consider.


However, here are at least 9 ways that will assist.


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Cycling the Alps and Lakes of the Northern Lombardy Region

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7 points to consider when buying your first road bike

Robert Gaggini
Bike Shop

Everyone has owned a cheap bike or a "hand me down". Cycling is cheap, that is a fact because there are 9 million bicycles in Beijing.

Therefore to pay thousands of dollars for a new bike takes some justification.

A reliable motor vehicle can be bought for the price of a road bike, although I would ask why would you do that?

You want to buy a road bike but what to consider?

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Less Training; More Performance

Robert Gaggini
Mountain Roads

Unless you are a professional cyclist, finding time to ride your bike isn't the priority for your day. Work and family commitments are not compatible with the long hours required to reach elite fitness.


You always need more time to prepare for your cycling goals, whether it is a one day event, a cycle tour or just beating your mates on the weekend ride.


Does this sound familiar?


The reality is that you do not require the time that you think to ride better than you ever have.

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HIIT with the KickR

Robert Gaggini


 Evidence is available on the benefits of  High Intensity Interval Training.

There are a variety of methods and practices applying bouts of intense exercise for typically short periods of time.

For over 10 years I have applied a basic HIIT program that is successful at multiple levels of abilities with use of a wide range of equipment.

The Wahoo KickR, is a cycling trainer that has been on the market for a short while and most noticeably has been supported by Team Sky.


The combination of a HIIT program with the KickR has taken Cycling Training to a new "Stratosphere".

Why is this so?

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5 Reasons that will make you want to go Club Racing

Robert Gaggini
Club Racing



There are a variety of Cycling Associations In Adelaide providing Bike Racing opportunities covering a wide range of disciplines. 


A common barrier to entry is the perception that Bike Racing is only for elite cyclists.


This is not the case, if you can ride a bike in a straight line you can RACE!


Club Racing is Fun!


What are 5 reasons that will make you want to go Club Racing?


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Don't be Soft; 5 ways to Recover HARD

Robert Gaggini
Jai Wain Remedial Therapist




The term "HARD" is frequently used with describing Training, Methods of Training, Trainers or Trainees.

Seldom is "Recovery" described as hard.

In fact, it is not uncommon that Recovery is considered as "Soft", and of course this would be avoided by anyone "Hard".

I am here to say "Workout Hard, Recover Hard"

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How to climb hills faster

Robert Gaggini
Hill Climb

Hill climbing is one of the favourite cycling challenges. There are a number of reasons for this. Its a great workout, a true sense of accomplishment and you earn a fast descent.

Hill climbing times can be compared amongst colleagues, with bragging rights to the KOM.

How can you you climb faster?

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Cycling Etiquette on Adelaide Roads; my point of view

Robert Gaggini
Cycling in Adelaide

There are rules and regulations. Then there is etiquette.  On the road this is courtesy, good manners or accepted behavior. 

I have close to 20 years of commuting 40km across Adelaide, and several years cycle commuting into Central London.

From my point of view, what are some points of etiquette?

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17 Reasons to shop at the Local Bike Shop versus Online Retail

Robert Gaggini
Local Bike Shop with Aron Huysmans



This is not a discussion on the bike shop business or retail on the internet.I really know very little on either topic.

I do understand that shopping on the internet provides many benefits, choices, competitive purchase price and variety.

So what are the reasons to shop at the local bike shop, do you really have to ask?




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17 rookie mistakes to avoid when cycling

Robert Gaggini
Overly Bright Clothing

Rookie mistakes when cycling are not restricted to rookies only.  I am as guilty as anyone, for most, if not all the the misdemeanors on this list.

Of course fashions change and this list is up for discussion.

One qualification is that it is not a rookie mistake unless it is seen!

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The AFL fixture; there must be a better way?

Robert Gaggini

The AFL have 18 teams in the competition that play 22 games in the minor round to determine who play in finals to win the major prize.


All teams play each other once, and another 5 games are allocated.


This system is accepted without much question.


But take a step back and take a look at the big picture, this system should not be accepted.


There must be a better way/

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Real reasons for motorists to get frustrated while driving in South Australia

Robert Gaggini
Share the Road

New regulations regarding cyclists have been introduced in South Australia that has caused much frustration amongst car drivers with an unhealthy "them" versus "us" discussion on news and social media.

As a motorist, I enjoy an uninterrupted journey as much as anyone else and I will get frustrated if I encounter any disruptions whilst driving. However just like we tolerate roadworks, heavy traffic, slow moving vehicles as inevitable we must consider cyclists in the same category.


So then what are the real reasons to get frustrated when disrupted while driving?

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How I cycled 5 countries in one day; and no it wasn't a virtual reality!

Robert Gaggini
Cycling Diary

There are not too many situations where it is possible to cycle 5 countries in one day.


Only recently, during some spring cleaning I came across a forgotten diary documenting such an event.


The European summer of 1987 I spent working in the London National Health Service saving money to buy a Touring Bike and Accessories and dreaming of a European Cycling Holiday.


With my bike, I departed London for Amsterdam mid September, arriving in Venice 6 weeks later.


In that cycle tour I visited 7 countries, 5 of those were in one day!




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5 under used Cycling Training Tips for Improved Performance

Rachel Kelly
Core Strength

Traditional cycling training programs are based on kilometres and hours. Combine both and a simple idea was gained about speed.


Technology has evolved at a rapid rate, Bike Computers, Heart Rate Monitoring, Power Meters, GPS units and Analytical Software have advanced the  "Science" of Cycling Training.


Text books remain on shelves, whilst the "Sport Science" industry continually research, tinker, modify and adapt training programs.


What are 5 Training Tips that are not on the top of everyone's list but will lead to improved performance?



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Competitive bike racing; what are 7 rookie errors to avoid?

Robert Gaggini Lakers Rider
Victoria Park Criterium Race

If you have that natural competitive edge, forcing the pace when riding with your mates, comparing Strava times, keeping appearances on that pace line.

Then I can recommend that competitive bike racing is great fun and a perfect extension in your cycling experience.

There are multiple opportunities to explore, Road Racing, Criterium Racing, Mountain Bike, Cyclo-Cross and Track Racing. In Adelaide we are spoilt for choices with various organisations and clubs.

This article provides some for the new racing cyclist, with encouragement from your mates, you have your license, you have signed up for your first race; what are 7 rookie errors to avoid?

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Three skills to master on the road with new cycling regulations in place

Robert Gaggini Gemma Gaggini
Adelaide Hills Ride

New regulations have been introduced in South Australia that require a passing motor vehicle to maintain  a gap of 1.5m when overtaking a cyclist on a road with a speed limit of greater than 60km/h and 1m for roads with a limit of 60km/h or less.

This has caused much anxiety amongst car drivers with an unhealthy "them" versus "us" discussion that exploded amongst most news and social media.

So if you are about to head to the hills for that weekend spin or simply get on the road to ride to work, what are 3 skills that you need to master so that you give yourself the best chance to arrive as safely as possible?

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