HIIT with the KickR

Robert Gaggini


 Evidence is available on the benefits of  High Intensity Interval Training.

There are a variety of methods and practices applying bouts of intense exercise for typically short periods of time.

For over 10 years I have applied a basic HIIT program that is successful at multiple levels of abilities with use of a wide range of equipment.

The Wahoo KickR, is a cycling trainer that has been on the market for a short while and most noticeably has been supported by Team Sky.


The combination of a HIIT program with the KickR has taken Cycling Training to a new "Stratosphere".

Why is this so?


The KickR has an "erg" mode where workout intensity can be set in "Watts". The exercise can continue with a precise wattage output irrespective of the gear or cadence selected by the rider. With this function it is possible to push the massive watts (multiple hundreds) with precision that are prescribed in quantities of seconds.




The numerical "Wattage" precision of the KickR is a new and powerful motivating aspect. Cyclists can be motivated by a variety of numerical goals. Some examples, 1000m climbing, 100km ride or a 20 minute Norton Summit. Users of the KickR talk watts and are motivated by watts.




The human body is remarkable with adaptation to small increments in stress, while it can break down with large increases. The precision of the KickR is perfect to allow progression. Small changes added week by week, result in big changes after one month.

On the KickR
On the KickR



The KickR is controlled via an app. There is a large range of variables that are recorded and data can be transferred to the full range of analytical cycling software.


Testing Tool


The KickR is a valuable testing tool itself. The ability to precisely set wattage values enables a range of tests. Prescription of HIIT is based on test results.



Workouts are reproducible. Yes, because it is a precise machine. This results in taking your testing data and applying it in your workout. Better still, you can take your data from the field and reproduce on the trainer!

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Robert Gaggini
Mt Gambier Winner 2005




Robert Gaggini is founder of Adelaide Cycling Academy and owner of Infuga Retreat. As a cycling coach Robert brings years of experience to a wide range of Cycling Activities.


Winner of multiple cycle races including Mt Gambier 100mile classic 2005, and Alphutte 2003, (4th in 2012). Participant in a variety of endurance events including Paris-Brest-Paris, and is a 40km per day commuter for over 20years.


If you require any assistance with training plans, cycle coaching or if you just want to ride faster, Robert is happy to assist.





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  • #1

    Bill Anderson (Sunday, 30 April 2017 13:45)

    Hi Robert,

    Great article. I am purcasing a Kyker for hiit workouts specifically. Is there a particular app or apps that you recommend for hiit?


    Bill Anderson

  • #2

    Robert Gaggini (Tuesday, 02 May 2017 22:37)

    Hi Bill, Thanks for the feedback. Initially I tried a variety of apps to try and simplify and "automate" the workout, however I have not come across anything that is any better than the "Wahoo Fitness" app that is used to control the kickr. This is an individual preference and no doubt there will be an app soon that will be to my liking. Regards Robert