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Robert Gaggini
Mountain Roads

Unless you are a professional cyclist, finding time to ride your bike isn't the priority for your day. Work and family commitments are not compatible with the long hours required to reach elite fitness.


You always need more time to prepare for your cycling goals, whether it is a one day event, a cycle tour or just beating your mates on the weekend ride.


Does this sound familiar?


The reality is that you do not require the time that you think to ride better than you ever have.

Professionals Ride Tens of Thousands of Kilometres per year

Yes, this may the case.


  1. The Professional does not go to work 40 hours per week
  2. The Professional has significantly more time to allow for recovery
  3. The Professional has regular access to Massage/Physio/Medical assistance
  4. The Professional has elite demands like a 3 week Grand Tour, that are proportional to their training load.

Therefore if you are not a professional you do not have to ride Tens of Thousands of Kilometres


Law of Diminishing Returns

Gains in fitness are most rapid at the start of training and are more difficult to achieve later in training. Therefore as your fitness levels increase, significantly more work or training is needed to make the same gains. The majority of your gains are made in a small amount of time.

Total Investment


You have invested in a wide range of areas as a cyclist. Bragging rights are a major factor, maximise that investment the best you can. Be the best you can be.

On the KickR
On the KickR

Training Program


Direction, guidance, motivation and time efficiency is provided by a training plan. The saying "Fail to Plan is to Plan to Fail" has some truth. The start of a plan is often a "Goal" or Target Event.



A Training Program can be considered the same as traveling directions from a GPS. And just like the GPS the training program requires a starting place as well as a finish. This is where baseline testing  and re-testing is so important.


Good Health


A Time Efficient program requires good health. Unfortunately, good health is only appreciated when absent. Strategies to minimise illness, virus, injury and fatigue are critical. 


Significant time savings and performance improvements are gained with  High Intensity Intervals.

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Robert Gaggini
Mt Gambier Winner 2005




Robert Gaggini is founder of Adelaide Cycling Academy and owner of Infuga Retreat. As a cycling coach Robert brings years of experience to a wide range of Cycling Activities.


Winner of multiple cycle races including Mt Gambier 100mile classic 2005, and Alphutte 2003, (4th in 2012). Participant in a variety of endurance events including Paris-Brest-Paris, and is a 40km per day commuter for over 20years.


If you require any assistance with training plans, cycle coaching or if you just want to ride faster, Robert is happy to assist.





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