9 ways to maximise your breakaway

Robert Gaggini
Sprint Finish

Most bike races are about speed, and will come to a bunch sprint.


If you find that you are not in major contention to win the sprint you can consider a breakaway win.


There are so many variables to consider.


However, here are at least 9 ways that will assist.


Know your Opposition

Know the strengths and weaknesses of all of your opponents. Know your enemy, know how they will react.


Know yourself


Understand your own strengths and weaknesses. Most often these are underestimated.


Mental Game


A breakaway is very much a physical effort but is is also a mental battle against your opponents.  You will truly master this when the chasing group thinks you are so much stronger than you really are and they settle for coming in second.

Criterium Action
Criterium Action

Fifty Percent Rule


If you are the average rider in your group, do not consider a breakaway until halfway through the race.

If you are significantly stronger than the average you can attack earlier, why not the start line?

if you are below average then consider an attack closer to the end of the race.


Improve your chances by the timing of your breakaway


Never in an easy section, always at the end of a hard section;

  1. Counter Attack when another break has been caught
  2. Three Quarters to the end of a headwind straight
  3. During a technical section, corners, cross wind, climb


Break with Intensity


When you attack, create a gap!

  1. Make the effort explosive, like a bullet from a gun
  2. Make it in the biggest gear without losing acceleration
  3. Make it wide from your opponents
  4. Increase Gear after acceleration
  5. No more than 30 sec effort
Supporting The Race
Supporting The Race

Settle Down Once you have created the Break


Once you have a gap, settle down!

Only continue to ride at the pace that you can sustain until the end of the race.

Maintain the gap and you win. The gap may end up 1000mm or 1000m, it will still be a win. A common mistake is for people to go too hard at this point.

If you get caught?


If you get caught, then so be it. You have no control over the chasing bunch. You can prepare for another attack.

Or better still, play that mental game and attack again!

Too many other Variables

  1. Get out of sight
  2. Get aero on the bike
  3. Use your aero wheels
  4. You probably underestimate your own limits
  5. If you can survive the first few minutes, it WILL get easier
  6. Try and be a part of a small group breakaway
  7. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. If nothing else you will end up being the fittest than you ever have

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Robert Gaggini
Mt Gambier Winner 2005




Robert Gaggini is founder of Adelaide Cycling Academy and owner of Infuga Retreat. As a cycling coach Robert brings years of experience to a wide range of Cycling Activities.


Winner of multiple cycle races including Mt Gambier 100mile classic 2005, and Alphutte 2003, (4th in 2012). Participant in a variety of endurance events including Paris-Brest-Paris, and is a 40km per day commuter for over 20years.


If you require any assistance with training plans, cycle coaching or if you just want to ride faster, Robert is happy to assist.





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