There is change in behavior on the road!

Robert Gaggini
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Changes in regulations were introduced in South Australia on October 25, 2015 regarding the width required by motorists when overtaking Cyclists, as well as allowing Cyclists to ride on the footpath.

What are my experiences? I make my observations from a history of 20 years and 40 kilometers per day commuting through the city of Adelaide and surrounding arterial roads.

Have I observed any change in the behavior of the South Australian Motorist?

Force Field

My routine in the evening is a busy dual lane roadway with a few narrow sections. What a change!

I seems that I am now riding with an "invisible force field".

Motor Vehicles do not come close, they seem to deflect to the empty outer lane when overtaking.

Motor Vehicles are now Overtaking with Caution


There are big changes approaching roundabouts, as a cyclist I am not being compromised for space as often as before.

Motor vehicles seem to be more cautious when overtaking in busy areas. I frequently detect a delay to allow oncoming vehicle to pass before I am safely overtaken on my bike.


Change in My Behaviour


I am not going to the front at traffic Lights in a narrow lane situation. I will take my place in the queue.

I have taken the opportunity on occasions to ride on the footpath, this hasn't been a safety issue for pedestrians because the roads that I ride do not seem to have many people walking the footpaths.

Continuing unsafe Practice

There are continuing unsafe practices, usually due to a lack of patience. I do come across "near misses" on a frequent basis and this remains a concern.

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Robert Gaggini
Mt Gambier Winner 2005




Robert Gaggini is founder of Adelaide Cycling Academy and owner of Infuga Retreat. As a cycling coach Robert brings years of experience to a wide range of Cycling Activities.


Winner of multiple cycle races including Mt Gambier 100mile classic 2005, and Alphutte 2003, (4th in 2012). Participant in a variety of endurance events including Paris-Brest-Paris, and is a 40km per day commuter for over 20years.


If you require any assistance with training plans, cycle coaching or if you just want to ride faster, Robert is happy to assist.





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